Try One Of The New Online Casino Games

The best thing about online casinos is the colossal choice of games on offer. These games range from the basic, no skill involved slot machine games up to highly skilled games such as poker and every permutation in

For the beginner, online casino games are not at all intimidating like their land based counterparts. There is comfort in playing these new games from the relaxed atmosphere of your own home and this means the probability of the gambler doing well is much higher – there are less distractions, which land based casinos rely on to encourage gamers to make mistakes.

Land based casinos can be a little intimidating to the new comer who may spend all evening playing the slot machines because they feel too intimidated to try something like craps or black jack. Games like poker are almost impossible to join in if you have little or no knowledge of the game.

Playing online casino games allows the player to gain that much needed confidence to allow them to succeed. When you start playing online casino games, it is possible to play the games in the free mode option which allows the gambler to get as much practice in as possible before parting with any money. This is an absolute must for poker players because this is a game that takes a lot of practice to develop the skills necessary to play in a competent manner.

Online casino games such as craps are not skill based and the playercasinocraps relies on luck to win, but the betting strategies involved in the game are very complex and these take a fair degree of practice to master. It is important to learn these betting strategies because this will help to lower the house edge so you don’t throw away your money.

Playing online casino games can be attributed to creating a new league of poker champions. Many of the younger poker players and also many female poker players learnt to play the roulette casino games as they found going into a casino off putting.

Once you have mastered these games online, you will find that you will be able to enter any land based casino with your head held high.

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Online Casino Game Tips – Learn from the pro

Rumor has it that in dark corners of some of Las Vegas’ famous casinos, you can find old time gaming pro’s who occasionally pass on their top tips to lucky visitors to the Neon City. However, unless you’re fortunate enough to be packing your bags anytime soon, take a look at our simple tips for fun and success in four of the casino classics………

Casino slot tipsonlinecasinoslot

Slots are a timeless casino classic, and with the best online casinos offers up to 100 iconic fruit machines, cutting-edge video slots and huge progressive jackpot machines, it’s slot gaming paradise. However, is it worth trying some of the slot strategies posted on the Internet, or should you just spin and enjoy the moment? Well, in theory you can’t influence a casino slot machine or predict exactly when it’s going to payout, suggesting that slot systems are hopeless. What’s more, with all the fun, thrills and great value spins on offer in the casinos – most gamers prefer to simply let fate take its course. However, some strategic slot gamers do exist, using basic casino strategies such as the tips below:

  • Set a slot stop loss limit and profit target for each session (for example, 10 credits)
  • Game with a level stakes spin value, such as 1 credit
  • Locate the machines that offer a good balance of wins:payouts (hint – medium payout jackpots may be the best)
  • Switch machines if you’re down to 50% of your stop loss

Blackjack and video poker casino tips21
Blackjack is potentially a professional level strategy game, with card counting offering the scope to reverse the casinos’ edge and become a regular, long term success with an advantage of 0.5-1% over the dealer. However, casino card counting is tricky business, so most casual gamers look for simpler options to boost their fun and reward potential. The best place to start is with a basic casino blackjack strategy sheet (you can find them online), which instantly helps you make skilled hitting and wagering decisions. Video poker is also a very high ranking skill/strategy game, which can also be played with a diverse range of casino systems. Each specific video poker game requires a different strategy sheet, so always ensure you match your machine to the right casino system. Over time, you can progress to more complex casino strategies, for more fun and rewards.

Roulette casino tips
Roulette may be a game of chance – but it’s still the most popular strategy game among casual casino players! The reason is ‘even money betting systems’, which aim to over throw the in-built casino edge, and turn a profit with every session. Do they work – yes, very often. But can they fail too – yes, and you need the right casino strategy to protect your bank! Check out the system, and the type of tips needed to try and become a long-term success:

  • 1 credit even money (for instance, Odds £1.00)
  • If you lose, add 100% to your wager level and re-bet (Odds £2.00)
  • Keep repeating the double bet, until you win!

Tips for casino roulette success

  • If you lose a series of 5-6 bets, consider quitting and re-starting the system
  • Use bonus credits/low stakes to test the system and build experience
  • Use leisure cash to play
  • Consider skimming 50% of your casino profits, and building a bigger bank with the other 50%

Strategic Casino Gaming For All

Strategic casino gaming is the current rage for many web casino players, with a marked increase in strategic intent among casual gamers. Check out the strategic kudos of some of the most popular casino games in cyberspace

The kings of casino gaming entertainment and jackpots – but when it comes to skill and strategy, you’re better off focusing on the fun and reward potential! In essence, slot machines are guaranteed to payout (as shown by
their proven 95% payout zones and regular mega money jackpots), but there is no way a casino gamer can click and spin to deliver a sure-fire win!

Video poker
In contrast to slots, video poker is soaring to the top when it comes to skill and strategy in the casinos. Ironically, you can opt to play VP like a slot game, and rely on lady luck t
o deliver winning combos. However, by learning how to analyze the combos in the different video poker varieties, you can start clawing back an edge in the casinos. In fact, casual casino system can produce a predicted edge of around 99.5%, while hardcore pro systems can provide an edge of 0.5-1%. With countless free gaming cards available online, you can instantly hit the casinos with a strategic advantage.

Blackjack, just like video poker – can be played with pro level systems, which have the power to create an edge of 0.5-1% plus for gifted casino gamers. However, the concept of card counting is considered a truly hardcore skill, and its efficiency on the web is constantly being debated. Fortunately, you can pick up an array of blackjack strategy cards to help you make simple strate
gic decisions – boosting your winning edge. Once you’re proficient in basic strategy-play, learn a more advanced casino system to maintain your rise through the gaming ranks.

Roulette is an enigma when it comes to strategic power – with many casino gamers claiming it’s red hot, while other warn about its innate risk. So, what’s the truth? Well, firstly roulette systems are a fine balance of risk and reward. They focus on progressive stakes to try and always ‘guarantee’ a winning session. Fundamentally, roulette casino systems are based on powerful statistical facts, meaning there is a high probability of succeeding with a system ‘in theory’. However, anyone using the systems in online casinos, must be prepared to hit losing sessions/cycles. Check out the classic martingale casino system, and the tips to protect your bank during cold sessions:

  • Bet on Red/Black or Odds/Evens with 1 unit
  • If your bet loses, place 2 units on the selection and re-spin
  • Keep doubling in this manner until you win (then quit/re-start a new chain)

Tips for bank protection

  • Use a stop loss with your casino roulette systems (Such as 5/6 losing wagers)
  • Focus on long-term success
  • Use low casino wager levels and gradually increase your credit level